Monday, March 12, 2012

A weekend away from writing

Yes, I took the weekend off and spent the time planting my garden. I have some pumpkins growing which were started from the seeds of last year's jack o' lantern. Hopefully this will save me the arduous task of dropping $30.00 at the local pumpkin vendor this year. I also planted zucchini, corn, hot and sweet peppers, radishes, and onion sets. Still have a lot more to plant next weekend but curses! my roto-tiller broke and I have to affront repairs. The growing season here in Florida starts anytime it wants to, and it can get extremely hot at any point. I learned from visiting a website put out by Florida State University that the germination and flowering of plants is determined by soil temperature, not length of growing time. This explains why last year I had bean plants that had two or three leaves on them and started blooming. I planted late, and they got rather warm. Hopefully this year I am on time, but I'm two weeks later than when I wanted to start. Pictures coming...

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